Heintz Family in the Edmonton Blossoms

11 June 2019 | Family

What a gorgeous morning! The rain has been so unpredictable so far this year in Edmonton, but the morning of this photo shoot was lovely, warm, and almost misquote free! This is the perfect day for the Heintz family in the Edmonton Blossoms.

We didn’t plan their session around the blossoms, it was just a happy coincidence that the trees were bursting with this stunning colour. All these guys cared about was  capturing their family right now, in this moment. Ellie has grown a ton since we saw them a year and a half ago! She has glasses now, she’s silly, spunky and giggles like crazy. All she wants is to play and run and have her daddy airplane her around. She is such a joy to be around! You can see it in her parents’ eyes that they feel the same. Just watching them watch her fills my heart right up, it’s so obvious these three are such a team.

This is the kickoff family session for my summer season, and it was a perfect one to start with. We took our time, played in the blossoms and the paths. Ellie ran and played and everyone laughed. It was truly a wonderful time.

It was so wonderful to see you all again!