Hello 2018 White Session

26 January 2018 | Personal, Children

Last year I had an idea in the midst of my 365 day challenge (taking a photo every day for a year). I thought it would have been amazing to start and finish off the year with a portrait of Callum and Max. Something portrait style to see the details in their features, and to document how they change in the space of a year. So on January 1, 2018 I did a Hello 2018 White Session with my boys. I plan to bookend the year with another White Session to see how much they have grown in 2018.

The boys are at an age that portraits can be tricky. Neither of them last too long sitting in the studio. Callum looks all over the room but rarely at the camera. Max has the cheesiest “CHEEESE” smile which is so common in two year olds. But you know what – this is them. Right now. Callum is nearly five. He’s leaned out and sprouted into a tall, lanky little boy. Max has lost most of his baby chub and the baby in him seems to be all but gone.

They are still my babies, but they aren’t babies anymore. They are beautiful, intelligent, funny little boys.

These White Sessions continue to hold such a big place in my heart. We have been documenting the boys like this since the beginning, and seeing the progression as they grown is quite astounding.

These boys of mine just keep stealing my heart more and more every day.

Shauna xox