Hello Callum | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

19 September 2018 | Newborn

If you know us at all, you know we’re in love with this little man’s name! He has a pretty easy name for us to to remember, as we’re pretty used to saying Hello Callum to our own son!

Ashley found us through Mommy Connections, which I have been photographing for for years now! I was so excited to see them all again at their newborn session. Big brother Bensen is such a good kid, he was happy to read to his little brother and cuddle with mom and dad.

Newborn sessions always take some time. Baby needs to eat, siblings need a snack or just a break from having to sit still. We get it! We’ve done it. We’ve photographed SO many newborns by now that this is all normal to us. Don’t stress, and it will go amazing.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with you all! Bensen did so well, so did Callum!

Can’t wait to see you again.