In The Beginning | Project 52 – Week One – Gareth

16 January 2018 | Personal, Family, Children

In the beginning of the new year Shauna and I started a new project 52. For those that don’t know, this project consists of taking and picking a photo or photos once a week for a set theme. Week four is already hard on my heels. It’s generally a bad sign when it seems I am playing catch-up from the outset. In reality though, I am firmly in the game, trying to shoot on a regular basis capturing life around us. I have not posted much as yet because I am also making a concerted effort with screen time and being involved rather than taking pictures from the Sidelines.


Week one started with “In the Beginning”.

Having children makes you infinitely more conscious of the passing of time so it only seems right to start the year with looking to our boys. What they play with and how they play is a constant revolving door. With this in mind I thought to capture what their interest is at the years outset. Christmas of course has a massive effect on where their play begins because anything new has a certain novelty value. In our house the train set is once again the favourite thanks to two new motorised trains – Diesel and Salty.


Keep an eye out for Shauna’s pics for each category.

This is what is coming up in the next couple of weeks:

02. Fun

03. Close to your heart

04. Light