To Istanbul

5 February 2014 | Travel

We missed Travel Tuesday due to a small family emergency, but we’re back at it this week!

We left Mumbai, India on a hot, humid, sweaty day. Our long journey took us from Mumbai Istanbul, Turkey, via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The flight was a strange one. As we boarded the plane in India, all of the staff were acting extremely happy to see us. They ushered us to the front of the line, big smiles on their faces, ready to help us in any way possible. We soon figured out why. The Arabs boarding the flight weren’t used to flying, and they seemed scared, confused and completely out of sorts. We started heading to the back of the plane, but it took ages to get to our seats because of the people in front of us. They zig-zagged back and forth between the rows, even though the flight attendants kept telling them where their seats were.

Once we reached our place we sat and watched as the flight attendants struggled to help everyone find their place. They eventually did, and we were off.

We made it to Istanbul after dark. Gareth had a near miss losing his tripod, which he had strapped tot he outside of his bag on every flight. His luck had finally ran out and it fell off on the plane. Luckily the staff were extremely helpful and they found it! Success.

We arrived at our lovely guest house, and although it was late we each had a need – Gareth was coveting a snack, and I was in need of a glass of red wine.