Lauren and Adam’s Alberta Lake Engagement

24 June 2019 | Couples, Engagement

The air hung in a heavy green haze as I headed north of Edmonton. Forest fires and strong winds in Northern Alberta had sent smoke billowing southward to engulf Edmonton as well as much more of the province. Lauren and Adam’s Alberta Lake Engagement session had been planned for weeks. After checking and double checking with air quality readings we decided to go for it. But, and at the time it felt like a massive BUT, the air seemed to grow thicker the further North I travelled. By Highway 643 I could have cut it with a knife.

Passing Redwater on my journey the smoke slowly but surely gave way until blue skies once again adorned the sky. I rejoiced at my fortune whilst sparing more than a passing thought for those who had already been massively effected.

Due to work commitments we picked a Thursday evening for Lauren and Adam’s Alberta Lake Engagement Session. Once they had arrived we strolled through the campground paths dodging mosquitos. The soft evening light filtered through the trees adding to the tranquility that settled upon us.

Roughley Originals Engagement Photography at Chump Lake, Alberta. Couple embracing in the trees with beautiful golden hour light shining upon them.

These relaxed moments are the perfect time for Shauna and I to get to know our clients better. On this occasion I felt like I had a head start. I have been hearing stories about Lauren’s dad in particular, for many years. He has had a massive impact on the life of a very dear friend. A friend who has himself been a role model in my life. It is amazing when these kind of connections bring people together. Something we definitely relish!

It’s hard to believe that this is the same sky that seemed so hard to pierce just a couple of hours before. It is definitely a strong reminder to appreciate everything that we have because life can change in moment without warning.

Lauren and Adam we can’t wait for your wedding in September and look forward to meeting your family and friends that we have heard so much about.