Life Changing Moment – Welcoming Levon

15 May 2019 | Family, Newborn

It feels like a long time now since we met Keira and Mike. So much has happened since 2014 when they came to see us in search of a wedding photographer. In those 5 years experiences have changed us all. For this reason alone we are always grateful that we remain in their thoughts to be able to share in their life changing moment – welcoming Levon.

Keira, Mike and Levon enjoying cuddles during their fresh 48 session.

Fresh 48 Session

We decided with Keira and Mike that the newborn sessions best suited to them would be first and foremost a Fresh 48. I went to the hospital before Levon was even a day old to capture their new family and all the special details.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

After they arrived home and settled into new routines we planned their full lifestyle newborn session.

Keira and Mike have a beautiful home in which to start their family. We wanted to show it off whilst creating photos that will have a lasting place in their heart.

Levon by this time was a month old. This meant everyone was comfortable and settled at home.


I have been learning a lot about this lately. Whether we realise it or not we all have a point of view defined by our experiences or the experiences of people we love and most trust. I have the experience of two young boys growing like weeds with big personalities and bigger emotions. I know what has worked for us managing their lives, finding balance, wiping away tears, making happy memories. Some days it is hard to remember to enjoy your own journey. It can fly by so quickly if you let it.

When you become the person on the outside looking in at the rush for clean diapers, snacks for the bulging bag of kids stuff, it’s much easier. It’s easier to let go of the hard days, smile at the little things, and enjoy the moment. This is part of our love for photographing newborns and families. We get to live the moments again and again. Everyone is different. Every baby is different. They are starting fresh, ready to build a new perspective that might just change their lives and ours!

Thank you Keira and Mike for thinking of us over the last few years. Thank you for asking us to be a part of your life changing moment – welcoming Levon.

As well thank you to everyone who invites us into their homes and their lives. Thank you for letting us be there to capture the fleeting moments so that they can last forever.

Keira and Mike were married back in 2015. You can see their beautiful wedding day here.

Are you are interested in a Fresh 48 or Newborn session and are not sure of the difference? A Fresh 48 session happens in the first 48 hours after your baby is born. Ideally we come to the hospital to capture those precious early hours in their raw beauty. Our Newborn sessions take place either in your home or our studio. Head here for all the details or you can contact us for more information and our recommendations.