Light and Bright Home Newborn Session | Kuryk Family

18 May 2018 | Newborn

A light and bright home newborn session is one of my favourites to photograph! So on a recent day in March, during Edmonton’s everlasting winter, the Kuryk family home was the perfect place to be. Warm sunshine filtering in through large windows masked the chill that still existed outside. With the thermostat adjusted a little to keep baby Sophie toasty warm I photographed this lovely family.

Being in someone’s home surrounded by the memorabilia of their life truly freezes a moment in time. How often do you change the pictures on your wall, move your furniture to a new spot? All of these changes are part of your life novel.  Capturing your family in your surroundings is the perfect way to make a memory. The perfect way to start a story that you can tell your children when they are older; this is what our home looked like when you were born!

In home newborn sessions are also a great option if you have older children. When I first arrived at the Kuryk’s home, Ashleigh, their older daughter, was very unsure about me being there and having pictures taken. This is a very common reaction and something Shauna and I work with on a regular basis. We take our time. I often take a few shots of just the baby or baby with mum and dad first and ask siblings to come and help. It wasn’t long before Ashleigh was comfortable on the bed with her little sister Sophie laying on her legs.

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