Lydia and Tyler and the Tree Swing

7 July 2014 | Engagement

Lydia and Tyler are the perfect combination. Tyler is organized and meticulous and pays attention to every detail. Lydia loves things to be pretty and lovely, she is full of smiles and laughter and happiness.

They wanted something different for their engagement session (technically their second engagement session, their first one is here). Between us we brainstormed and came up with this set up. Lydia’s dad made the tree swing and I spent a good few evenings gluing lace onto mason jars (thanks for the help mom!)

The session was perfect. All day I worried about rain, but it was a lovely evening – the type of beautiful Edmonton weather we dream about (and never seem to get enough of!)

You two are really, really wonderful, and I’m SO excited for your wedding!

Thank you for the lovely flowers Janice’s Grower Direct