Lyndsey & Jordan – Edmonton Wedding Photography

4 May 2014 | Weddings

Our first wedding of the season!

This one was the perfect combination of what a wedding should be (in my opinion of course!):
– Lovely, funny couple: Check!
– A stop at a funky bar (Mercer’s Tavern): Check!
– A really intimate ceremony: Check!
– A dash outside for some unbeliavable sunset photos: Check!

As we headed outside Lyndsey spotted the quilt Jordan’s mom had made them as a wedding gift. It was windy and chilly, so she joked that they should bring it out. Yes! I exclaimed, let’s do it!

Loved it all.

We really love showing a slideshow at the reception if the couple is up for it, so these are some of the photos that were in that slideshow. It’s so fun to show everyone what they’ve been up to all day.

Thanks so much to you both for having us there, and everyone who was a part of the wedding for making us feel so incredibly welcome and a part of such a tight knit group.

Our biggest and sincerest congratulations!

Shauna & Gareth