Magic Light | Edmonton Engagement Photographer

17 December 2016 | Engagement

Amanda and Josh had a really simple request when they booked their wedding with us for next year – they really wanted their engagement photos taken at Josh’s family farm. We really love when couples have a location in mind that is so meaningful, and when the evening broadcasts this kind of magic light, well the answer will be always be yes!

This was the first time that I met Amanda and Josh. Up to this point all of the correspondence had been with Shauna. Like most newly engaged couples they were nervous of their first professional photo shoot. This is totally understandable and why we put so much importance on including an engagement shoot in our wedding packages. We want to get to know you and vice versa months before your wedding so that everyone knows what to expect come the wedding day.

So after a very brief introduction in a car park we headed East out of the city the sun beginning its slow decent to the horizon. I wondered about all the possibilities a farm in the country would offer for engagement photos. Shauna and I have photographed several rural weddings and families in the past so I automatically had some preconceived ideas. Nothing though prepared me for the gorgeous countryside and stunning sunset that awaited.

Josh had two locations in mind. The first a short drive from the farm, the second around the farm itself. Both gave a completely different atmosphere, both stunning in their own right. The sun, a blazing golden orb, hung on the horizon making the air feel magical around us. I felt like I could slice the rays of light like a piece of golden cake.

Josh explained the importance of the farm in his life. Despite being born a city boy the country is in his heart and soul. This brought home to me the importance of the images we were making together. For logistical reasons they wouldn’t be able to have their wedding out here so this was their chance to capture a place that would always be very prominent in their lives.

Thank you for taking me to such a special place and sharing the evening.