Summer Maternity Session in Millcreek Ravine

29 January 2019 | Maternity

There are so many hidden gems in Edmonton! There are so many locations to use, so many places that just feel like summer is seeping from our pores. This summer maternity session in Millcreek Ravine just felt like summer. The sun streaming in, the air warm, a wonderful family laughing and playing in the water.

When planning any of our sessions, we know so many locations it’s never up to our clients to figure out a spot for their photos. If they have ideas, that’s amazing, but more often than not, our clients just have a general vibe they’re going for, and we can help with that!

Gareth photographed this session, and he loves shooting down here. So he met these three (almost four!) and they went exploring.

There is a huge benefit to investing in a maternity session, and one that didn’t occur to me before we experienced our maternity session when I was pregnant with Max. When you’re pregnant and it’s not your first child, it’s hard to really take some time and think about this new life who will be joining you soon. During a maternity session, we almost always witness our clients taking a deep breath, settling in, and really enjoying the time together. It’s so nice to really think about the baby coming. It’s so nice to daydream and really start to envision it.

This lovely family played and explored and just really enjoyed their time together during their maternity session. Just a lovely summer evening in Edmonton.

(We also met their beautiful newborn not long after this! It’s coming up on the blog soon!)

Shauna xox