Meet Callum

21 February 2013 | Personal, Family, Children

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog the past little while. I do apologize! But we have been a little preoccupied. We spent January anxiously awaiting February to come…and we have spent February getting to know this new little man in our lives.

Everyone, meet the newest member of the Roughley team – Callum. Our little guy was born on February 5 at 3:51 am. He had to wait until Gareth’s birthday passed (February 4) so he could have his own day. Since then he has been making us laugh with his hilarious faces and his squirmy energy, and he’s been keeping me warm with his cuddles. He’s a keeper, and we’re so excited to watch him grow.

Thanks for understanding if we’ve been slow to get back to you. He’s quite distracting.

Lots of love,

Shauna, Gareth & Callum