Meet Mikah | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

4 January 2017 | Uncategorized, Newborn

The Willies are one of “our” families. They came into our life because of our business, and there have been many, many occasions I’m so grateful they’re a part of our lives. The day we got to meet Mikah was absolutely no exception.

Brooke is an extremely proud big sister. She is a busy, active 2 year old, but she was so kind and gentle around her little sister. She is one of those kids that immediately took to the new addition to the family, and seeing her cuddle Mikah (and hug her sooooo hard she squeezed her eye, hehe!) I can already imagine the adventures these girls are going to have together.

They even brought along the grey hat with the button on it – big sister Brooke wore it in her newborn photos. I absolutely love when clients bring sentimental props to their newborn sessions!

You might recognize mama Kellie from Fit Your Life! She runs amazing workout classes, and she aims her knowledge at pregnant and postpartum ladies. She is an asset to me, you should check her out!

Thank you so for coming to see us you guys! Thank you for spending so much time with us and having us document your family through all of these stages. We’re grateful to be around.