Mila Makes Them Five | Edmonton Newborn

15 December 2017 | Newborn

I met Amber when her second daughter was just a baby. We both took a Mommy Connections class and there we met. It kind of blows my mind to have them all in the studio as their family grows. When I met them they were a family of four, but now Mila makes five.

Having siblings in a newborn session always take a bit more time. We get our silly faces ready (and let’s be honest, our patience) and we’re ready for them. But these girls made our job so effortless. They sat and cuddled and were happy to be with baby Mila. I always wonder what it’s like having a sister, that built in best friend, the one who has our back. I get the impression that the older two girls are really close, so I’m sure Mila will fit right in there.

I have a lot of favourites from this session, choosing the ones to put on the blog wasn’t easy. Mom wanted pink and girly and soft and pretty. She said she just needed to embrace the pink since she has three girls now! I couldn’t agree more.

It was so wonderful to see you all again, and to meet Mila and document your family with your new addition. She’s perfect!