Newborn Photos During Covid

16 June 2020 | Maternity, Newborn

Congrats on your new arrival! I know this is a really uncertain time to have a baby. Our hearts are with you, and we are working hard to make your photography experience positive, fun and still create beautiful images while keeping you comfortable, and keeping everyone safe. Newborn Photos during Covid are going to be a bit different, but we’re still going to make them amazing!

What to Expect 

Covid 19 regulations and recommendations have been changing regularly. With this in mind we have committed to certain practices as standard. We always carry our face masks and maintain physical distancing. We are now allowed to pose your baby if we are wearing gloves and a mask – BUT most importantly we want to work within your comfort level so if you have any questions please ask so that we can be as prepared as possible.

The most important thing right now is that we’re all comfortable. If you are happy for us to pose your newborn, awesome, we will do that. If you want more of a lifestyle session, we will guide you. The most important thing is that we chat before your session so we’re all on the same page.

Newborn Photos During Covid

We are giving options for our newborn sessions, while still maintaining our style. Everyone’s comfort levels are different, and we want to make sure our clients feel 100% comfortable and confident during their session.

Newborn Sessions Being Offered

Outdoor Newborn Sessions

The baby doesn’t have to be touched, mom and dad can help pose the baby. I stay 6 feet back from everyone, and I always have my mask.

Newborn Photos During Covid
Newborn Photos During Covid
Newborn Photos During Covid
Newborn Photos During Covid

Lifestyle newborn Sessions in your Home

These are much like what we have always shot for lifestyle sessions, except we aren’t touching the baby. I will always wear a mask in your home.

Not touching the baby requires additional patience and maybe a bit more time, as mom and dad have to pose and swaddle the baby. We’re doing it though! And it’s working really well.

*New regulations are allowing us to pose baby with gloves and a mask worn at all times. If you are comfortable with this, it is a great option.

Newborn Photos During Covid
Newborn Photos During Covid

Studio Sessions

Last but not least, our studio is open as long as it is permitted under Alberta Health regulations. We are screening anyone before coming in, sanitizing surfaces, and following all guidelines. Current Guidelines are allowing us to pose baby with gloves and a mask worn at all times. Our studio sessions are posed, so please only choose this if you are comfortable with us posing your baby.

We are committed to keeping things as safe as possible for you all, as always. Please just chat with us, and let us know what you need and what you’re comfortable with.

***PLEASE keep in mind that regulations are constantly changing. If you book a certain session, and things change in the meantime, we will all have to be flexible and adjust. We are doing our absolute best to keep everything safe and healthy.

Our entire maternity & newborn pricing can be found here.

Please email me at and let’s chat!

Shauna & Gareth