Newborn Twins in the Studio // Kenna + Carter

22 April 2022 | Newborn

Photographing newborns is SO amazing. I get to cuddle them, we get so capture so many details that change so incredibly fast. Most parents tell us that their baby has changed by the time they get their photos back! How cool that those very first days, those details, are captured forever. Having Newborn Twins in the Studio is also really, incredibly cool. I have so much respect for twin parents! I vaguely, kinda sorta remember those first days, so doing THAT – but double?! – WOW. Hats off to you twin parents! Newborn Twins in the Studio usually means a longer session time, as the best way to photograph newborns is when they’re sleeping. They sometimes take turns being awake, but that’s okay! That gives us the chance to do some individual shots at that time – we always aim to capture each child individually as well as the babies together. We were told early on in our career to always photograph twins separately as well as together, as they are people on their own as well as twins. They deserve individual photos too!

We photographed Randi and Kyle’s wedding back in 2017 in Fox Creek. When they arrived at the studio, it truly felt like no time had passed. We visited, had a great afternoon together, and had such a relaxed time. We’re so honoured they chose to bring their Newborn Twins to the Studio, it means so much to document a couple’s life as they grow.

We can’t wait to capture these two beautiful babies through their first year, as mom and dad booked our First Year Package! That means newborn photos, Sitter Session photos (usually 6-8 months, once baby is sitting) and 1 Year Photos.

Now for what you really came to see! Scroll on for some serious cuteness.

Shauna & Gareth

newborn twins in Edmonton Studio
dad and Edmonton newborn twins
mom and dad looking down on edmonton newborn twins
newborn twins in Edmonton Studio


Find our newborn pricing guide here

Some common questions we get asked about newborn photography:

  • When should we book newborn photos?
    The sooner the better! Especially in the summer, when our season is busy, it can be hard to squeeze in last minute inquiries. We typically get bookings anytime from 12 week-30 weeks. And sometimes after baby is born! We will always try to accommodate everyone, but to guarantee a booking, please inquire before baby is born.
  • How can we book a date when we don’t know when baby is coming?
    We choose a tentative date based on your due date, to make sure you are you in our calendar. Once baby comes, then we confirm the day, change it if we need to, and get you booked in.
  • When should newborn photos be done?
    Newborns are best photographed between 7-15 days old. As they get older, they are less sleepy, more alert, and less mouldable. Things happen though! We understand that – so if we need to book in a bit later than that, we will!
  • Can we request poses or colours for our session?
    Yes, absolutely! We do ask for understanding that all poses are based on baby – sometimes some poses just don’t work out. But we will absolutely try our best!
  • Are family photos included in the session?
    Yes! Our full newborn sessions include family photos, sibling photos, just mom and dad. Those family photos are SO important – they’re your first family photographs!