One Year Birthday Flower Milk Bath

20 February 2023 | Children, Cake Smash

The cutest one year session! I know cake smashes are a favourite, and I love them, but this was SUCH a perfect alternative to a cake smash. This one year birthday flower milk bath is so gorgeous.

One thing I do want parents to always, always keep in mind when planning their one year old birthday sessions – bring their favourite snacks! Choose something they love, that is easy to eat, and doesn’t get their face dirty. But bring snacks. Nora wasn’t very happy when we first put her in the milk, but we gave her some treats and she started smiling away for us! A lot of parents bring puffs, those little yogurt bites, or anything you know your child will love (and that won’t stain their mouth).

It can take time time, a lot of singing, making silly faces, and just being patient! I have a parent apologize to me for their singing or silly noises and almost every single child session, but I want you guys to remember that I’ve heard it all! The fart noises, the song you’ve sang in your off key voice – I’ve heard it! I don’t mind!

I love this one year birthday flower milk bath session so much!

Shauna xox

Nora’s newborn session can be seen here!