Paly Family Fall Maternity

11 May 2020 | Maternity

This family has SUCH a big part of my hear! They’ve been with us right from their engagement, and we’ve had the honour to photograph their wedding, and as they expanded their family.

We lucked out, as we always seem to do, with a gorgeous evening and lovely fall colours. They played and ran and chased their little one, because we all know kiddos rarely stand still. That’s okay! That’s expected. I have two very lively boys and it would be shocking to me if they stood still for a whole session. So I run after the kids, I chase, them, I get my workout in. It’s all good!

It also hits me right in the heart that we have the honour of documenting lives. That we get to see clients year after year, catch up, connect, and see these families grow.

It is never, ever lost on me how special that is. Thank you so much you guys for always choosing us. For being so amazing. This baby is going to be SO loved!

Shauna xoxo