Pheadra & Dave – Wedding

8 October 2013 | Couples, Weddings

When we meet a couple like Pheadra and Dave, we secretly do a little happy dance. We knew their wedding would be amazing. They’re kind, fun, happy people. And they’re gorgeous. We were in for a good day.

Their wedding day was way more than we hoped. I walked into Pheadra’s house in the morning and I was welcomed with laughs and smiles and complete openness. These girls were there to celebrate their friend. Pheadra was told more times than I have ever heard how beautiful she was – before the ceremony ever begun. These girls were the best.

The whole wedding party was fun and silly and slightly…wacky at times. They were comfortable in front of us immediately, which meant we could really capture their personalities in the photos.

Thank you so much for having us be a part of your day guys. Pheadra – you were stunning. Absolutely stunning. Dave, I’ll never forget when you told Pheadra how much you loved her freckles. It melted my heart. You two are the real thing.

Lots of Love, Shauna xoxox