Photography and a Story about Camping in Jasper

30 July 2019 | Personal, Children, Travel

When Shauna and I were travelling through New Zealand we realised that photography and the story go hand in hand. In a saturated photography world the story is just as important as the photos. It’s how you stand out. Stories about people are what make the difference when across the world millions of photos are taken everyday. So whilst Shauna tries her best to make me feel thoroughly awkward in Instagram stories I thought I’d take a stab at being a better blogger. Click more to see some photography and a story about camping in Jasper.

Camping in Jasper

Last week whilst Shauna was working on her Beach Body side hustle at a conference in Indianapolis I packed up the car and took Callum and Max to the mountains.

Before now I never realised how popular it is to go camping in the mountain parks. A month ago when I checked the Parks Canada reservation portal there was nothing available. Thanks to a well informed friend I was encouraged to check again. Apparently it is quite common to find last minute cancellations.

So instead of heading off with fingers crossed for space at a first come first serve campground I had a guaranteed two nights at Pocahontas.

Sitting at the campfire at Pocahantas Campground, Jasper

Peak and Pit

Every day Shauna and I like to ask Callum and Max what was the best part of their day? We also want to encourage them to tell us about their struggles. This has lead us to the peak and pit. Since we ask the boys it is now constantly in my consciousness. Especially when it comes to tenting…

For our first camping adventure last year Shauna and I kept our expectations low. This time I came with the boys to Jasper with a very similar outlook. I planned on a few days for this boys trip – anything else would be a bonus.

The Pit

So on our first day when I found one of our air mattresses had a big tear it was ok. The boys could sleep on the other mattress and I’d take the floor.

When the corner eyelets of our rain tarp all ripped right out it was not a problem. I just tied our straps tight on the corners and they held.

As I’m cooking chips (fries) for dinner and I realise I forgot the salt we take it in stride. I send the cute kids to talk to the neighbours and see what we can borrow.

All these things are what in our family we call the PIT. The worst part of the adventure. I’m happy to report I got them all out of the way within the first few hours of arriving.

The Peak

As I’m sure you have now guessed the Peak is the best part of the day.

We saw bears and waterfalls.

Climbed to glaciers and captained a boat.

All whilst keeping a close watch for anything new that might come our way.

Despite all of these amazing experinces Callum and Max both agreed that biking in the river was the peak of the week.

When we left home Tuesday morning for our adventure, two nights camping were reserved. I hoped to make it to four. we lasted six. My peak of the week is all the things and hopefully a tradition we can carry on for years to come with at least 2 working air mattresses.