Pineapple Themed Cake Smash | Edmonton

8 June 2018 | Family, Children, Cake Smash

Summer in Edmonton is always beautiful. The air is warm and the city holds a laid back, happy vibe. Edmontontonians are happy to get outside, explore the city, and play in the water at the Alberta Legislative grounds. When it was time to book Eliana’s one year session, both her mom and I wanted the photos to be outside. We had photographed big brother Milano’s one year photos outside – (check them out here, he’s SO little!) – so it was only fitting to do the same for Eliana. When Maria said her plan for this session was a pineapple themed cake smash, I could just picture it! This location stuck out in my mind, so I knew it had to be done here.

Fresh pineapples was all I could think about, so Maria searched a few grocery stores (it seems they were hard to find that day!) and she finally found them! We didn’t need much else to bring this theme to life. I never want to use too many props in a shoot, I find it can take away from the focus, which is child! A few well placed details can add so much to a photo though, so that’s what we did.

Maria added on family photos to Eliana’s one year session, because Eliana looks a LOT different as a one year old than she did at her newborn photos – check them out here. A lot of people don’t think to add on family photos to a one year session, but it’s a year later! These little ones have changed a ton in the last year, so it’s worth documenting them as they change.

I have known this mama for many, many years. We photographed them when they got engaged, when they got married, when she was carrying both of her babies. Then came newborn sessions, family session, mom and me sessions. We have been able to maintain contact and hang out together largely because I still get to photograph her, and for that I am so grateful! Life gets busy and it’s hard to see everyone, so getting to photograph old friends is a big bonus in my life.

Thank you so, so much for such a fun evening! Love you guys to pieces.

Shauna xoxo