Pink and White Session | Edmonton Photographer

18 October 2017 | Children

As children get older and they no longer fit into white onesies, parents have to get a bit more creative with their White Session outfits. Most boys wear jeans, but I love that this beauty showed up in pink pants for her “pink” and White Session! Ashleigh is shy, but she is a beautiful girl.

It must be odd for kids to come to a brand new house, come down to the studio, and be plopped down in front of our light for their session. It took a bit of time to get Ashleigh to look at the camera, and the smiles didn’t come easy, but we definitely got one or two! That’s okay though, because the point of our White Sessions is to capture a child’s personality. Sometimes a child is shy, sometimes they’re really outgoing. It doesn’t matter, because this is Ashleigh at this point, right at this session. And that is pretty cool to capture.

We played peekaboo, she cuddled her bunny, and mom even jumped in to get some laughs. It was a wonderful session and I adore these photos!

Thanks for coming to us for a beautiful White Session!