Planning Your Edmonton Headshot Session

6 February 2024 | Uncategorized

You’ve decided to do a headshot photo session with us. Hurray! Let’s make your first impression count. We want your photos to work for you and your business, so let’s chat about planning your Edmonton headshot session.

First of all, we want to properly capture you and your business. Every photographer’s style is unique, as is every business. We want to represent YOU – your personality, your values, your services that you want to portray. We will take the time to plan everything with you, to be sure we capture you suitably.

If you are doing a team session it is important to make sure all these tips are communicated with everyone.
** If you are planning on team photos, it is imperative that enough time has been booked for everyone. Please communicate this ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.**

What to Wear

Here are a few helpful suggestions to make this decision an easy one.

Firstly, we want you comfortable and confident so pick items that make you FEEL amazing. Do note that when photographed, form fitting clothing does typically look and photograph best.

Timeless pieces and classy items will keep your photos relevant over time. Remember that you want to attract your dream clientele.

As you read through this, just remember that these are suggestions! If your style is bold and bright, you do you! If you have a piece that is patterned or busy, feel free to email me a photo and I will be happy to give you my opinion on it.

Soft and neutral colours are best as they will keep you as the focal point of the photo. (White, Cream, Tan, Navy and Black) Bright colours or busy patterns can take attention away from you.

If you are doing a session with your team/staff, it is very important to communicate with the entire team about the priority of dressing cohesively. Set a few neutral tones that everyone should aim for to keep it classic and consistent

All this being said if you have a signature look or brand colour that you want to include, do you! We want you to be yourself. Our main goal is to have people see your face, get to know you and trust you before meeting you.


Headshot sessions are done in our studio in North Edmonton. We have options for a casual set and/or a plain backdrop. We can accommodate both during our headshot event with you – please fill out your questionnaire ahead of time to ensure we know what you’re looking for.

**We can offer on site or outside headshots, but this must be communicated and planned ahead of time


You want to keep the finer details in mind.

– Makeup and Hair – It’s always a great idea to invest in hair and makeup for your headshot photos. Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists will be able to achieve a look that will photograph best. Don’t worry about it being “too much”! Communicate with them if you typically do not wear makeup – they will keep it very natural but still photographable. Some companies we have worked with and love the result:

Blush Artistry
The Makeup Parlour
Bliss Glow Artistry
Sen Studios

– Accessories – Keep it simple. Again, just make sure you are keeping yourself as the focus opposed to accessories for your outfit.

– Cleanliness – double check details like your nails and shoes are clean and presentable as either may be seen in your photos.

– Clean shoes are welcome in the studio! Please don’t wear the shoes you want in the photos outside before the session. You will not be welcome to wear dirty shoes during your photos.


Depending on the type of headshot photoshoot we are doing with you, it may feel appropriate to have props included. They should only be used if they represent your business. Items like laptops, phones, books, a camera, beauty tools, workout equipment or any prop that tells your story. Remember that these sorts of additions should be discussed with us before the session so we can plan around them, have ideas in mind to include them or let you know if you think we can work with them. Please fill out your questionnaire with this info. I will reach out to you if I need further info.

*Please note headshot sessions are only done in studio – the above photos outside of the studio are just used as example photos for ideas with props*

We hope this information has helped while you prepare for your headshot session. Our main goal is to simply showcase you. We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you plan to feel the most comfortable during our time together.

Can’t wait to work with you!

Shauna & Gareth