Planning Your Sitter Session

10 January 2023 | Family, Children

Your baby is growing! Those newborn days are behind you, and your baby’s personality is really starting to shine through. They may be giggling, smiling, laughing, playing. How special! Once your baby can can start to sit, it’s time for Planning Your Sitter Session!

When to Plan For Your Session

We truly believe it is best to plan these sessions for when your baby is over 6 months old and they can sit unassisted. If you REALLY want this session to be right at the 6 month mark, we can make that happen too, just understand that the poses will be limited. It is best to book your time for your session about a month in advance (at least!)

Our absolute favourite way to photograph children is with little distractions, so we always try to use the plain white background for some photos, and then the other side of the studio.

Outfit Choices

White Set

Some people love their babies to be photographed naked in the plain white set up, which is so cute! Others prefer a onesie. We love both! We say a onesie so we can capture those toes and thigh rolls and all the cuteness your baby has! If you choose a onesie, we love white, but any colour will look great. For this set we strongly suggest no logos or words & minimal design to really capture your baby.

You can add some cute jeans in if you want!

Studio Set Up

The set up and decor for the other side of the studio is always changing, so be sure to check in with us about the current set up. Unless it is Christmas, the studio will be neutral colours. We will either use the bed, or the beanbag for a soft place to pose your baby.

This is the time to use an outfit you love! We suggest trying it on your child in advance to make sure it fits, and then noticing if it rides up to their face easily, or if straps fall off easily. Well fitting clothing with minimal fussing is definitely best!

Family and/or sibling photos are welcome in the sitter session!

Head Outside!

During our warm weather months, you are more than welcome to choose for your session to be outside (or in your home!).

Family photos are welcome in outdoor sessions too!

Check out this post about what to wear for the family portion

These sitter sessions are the perfect time to capture your child as they grow into their personality! So many parents have told us that the Sitter Session is their favourite of all of their First Year Sessions. So let’s get planning your Sitter Session!


  • Start planning outfits! Email shauna at if you need help choosing. Or bring a few options to the session and I will help you choose.
  • Have a look through our different studio sets. If you have something specific you want, please let me know in advance. Otherwise we will use the set we currently have set up.
  • Ensure your baby is sitting unassisted at the time of your session.
  • We typically choose mornings for baby sessions, but it’s most important we plan their session around their nap time to ensure they are happy! Let Shauna know if you need a time other than morning.
  • Change your baby when you arrive to your session to ensure no drool marks or spit up.
  • Remember to give your baby’s face a good wipe right before the session starts, to remove milk, snot, drool etc.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!