Playing in the Devon River Valley | Edmonton Family Photographer

23 July 2017 | Family

I still can’t believe this shoot actually happened on Mother’s Day. As I drove from Edmonton out to Devon, the rain was pelting down on my windshield. I called Dana to see how the weather was at the Devon River Valley, and what she wanted to do about the shoot. As only a mom can fully understand, she said – the kids are dressed and my hair and makeup is done – let’s try to do this! So we ended up playing in the Devon River Valley.

We packed umbrellas and jackets and we even hid under a tree for a few minutes. Miraculously the rain stopped and we headed out into the trails. I’ve never been out in the Devon River Valley so it was awesome to have a family who spends so much time on the trails show me the cool spots.

The weather definitely was on our side for this session! Thanks so much for hanging out with me.

Shauna xox