Prep For Your In Home Newborn Session

28 March 2023 | Newborn

We are so excited to come to your home to capture your new addition to your family. There are lots of reasons people choose an in home newborn session. Maybe you decorated the nursery so well that you want it captured (love that!). Maybe you have a toddler that will do better in your home. Maybe you just love your home and you want to capture your family in your space! We totally get it. We want your photos to be their very best, so let’s talk about how to prep for your in home newborn session.

Time of Day

We always ask that we do your newborn session in the morning. Our typical start time is 10 am. We just find that babies do better earlier on in the day. We also find that toddlers do best in the morning.

Our Arrival

Before we arrive, please turn the heat up to 25 degrees. We don’t want your baby getting chilly! If it’s summer PLEASE turn off the AC.

When we arrive, we will take a walk around your home. We will check out a few different rooms and see where the light is best to do your photos. There are two main rooms in your home we will check out to use in your session: one is the master bedroom:

The other room we will want to check out is the nursery:

Prepping These Rooms

When prepping your master bedroom and your nursery, we suggest that you take anything out that takes away from your decor – lotion on the bedside table, stacks of magazines or books, tissue boxes. Take all this extra stuff, put it in a laundry basket, and stick it in a room we’re not using. When we take away the extra clutter, we’ll be able to focus on your family.

Check bedside tables – is there anything on them that don’t add to the room? If there is clutter, take it away.

Clean those rooms – make sure there isn’t a ton of dust.

Make sure the master bedroom bed is made, and add extra throw pillows and/or a throw blanket. These little extras definitely add to the appeal of the room.

The Living Room

Where we choose to take the majority of your photos will depend on where the light is best. Photography is all about light! So we will take a walk around and see where we can work to create stunning photos for you. Your living room might be our best option, so we will check that out too!

We’ve also used an older sibling’s room:

When in your home, we will try to capture a combination of posed photos as well as more candid photos, if everyone is cooperating.

If you have an older child, have a favourite book handy! It is really cute to capture you all reading as a family, or the older sibling reading to the younger sibling.

What We Provide

We still bring our posing beanbag, so you will still get a lot of our classic poses of just baby. We look for a good light source to use, so we might have to move a chair or shuffle things around to get set up with our bean bag.
We also bring lots of headbands, swaddles and wraps, as well as different posing blankets.

At the end of the day, these photos are all about us capturing this special time in your lives. In welcoming a new life into your family.

If you have any questions, please ask! We are so excited to come capture your beautiful family.

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Shauna & Gareth