Project 52 | Week 2 – Self Portrait | Shauna

15 January 2016 | Personal

Ever since Callum was born my life has revolved around him, and work. 2016 is marking a huge change in our family. Gareth is now working for our business full time, which means he’s home way more with us.

This turned into him pushing me to take a very last minute getaway in the middle of the week with some friends visiting from France. It was a busy, full on road trip that was just for me, just for them, and had nothing to do with work or children.

So this is me. Just me. This is me standing on a frozen river, in front of the stunning rocky mountains. This is me after sleeping on the kitchen floor of a hostel in the middle of nowhere. (LONG story) This is me in the middle of an adventure where no one called me mom. It was strange, and wonderful.

And as much as I missed them, it was truly nice to be ME for a couple of days.

(*Note – this is also the first time I have EVER put my big camera on a tripod and set up a shot. AND the first time I composed it and then jumped in)

Shauna xox