Project 52 – Week 8 – Bond | Shauna

24 February 2016 | Personal

This photo seems to completely and utterly sum up our past year.

Just about a year ago, we bought a house in desperate need of a lot of TLC. With Gareth’s work schedule he made a tough decision to demo a lot of the house himself, taking what little time he had away from the boys.

We called upon our village and it all becomes a blur. Countless hours were spent at the house, everyone chipped in to help me with the boys. It took a lot of hustle and some real heart, but this photo right here, this is our result.

A typical Monday night, playing on the floor. Light flooding in the windows from morning till night.

This is our new reality.

Even though Gareth missed out on a lot of time with Max the first few months of his life, trust me he has worked his butt off to make up for it. He’s THE dad. The one who climbs all the playgrounds and plays with all the kids, who teaches toddlers how to cheers and bake bread.

He’s the dad.

This is his boy.