Project 52 – Week 9 – Motion | Shauna

6 March 2016 | Personal

When Gareth and I were getting ready for our 17 month long trip, we both made lists: 101 in 1001 – 101 things we wanted to do in 1001 days.

We also realized there were some things we really wanted that weren’t feasible to fit into the 1001 days.

So Gareth also wrote a bucket list. Running a marathon was on there. And now he’s currently training for his first marathon.

This is his motion. This is his alone time, his time away from the craziness of parenthood. His time to breathe, his time to push himself, his time to sort through the thoughts in that crazy brain of his.

In August he’ll tick that box on his bucket list, and I’ll be right at the finish line waiting for him.