Roughley Christmas 2013

24 December 2013 | Personal, Children

Callum’s first Christmas was one of smiles, laughter, and a fascination with bows. He laughed hardest at a $2 spiky ball I stuffed in his stocking. I’m so glad we decided to not buy him anything substantial this year. He was in awe of the process.

Christmas has its magic back thanks to our little man. We’re so incredibly lucky we were surrounded by so many people who love us this year. We’re a blessed little family, we are.

I wrote this on Christmas eve and never got around to posting it, so I shall post it now.

It’s the day before Christmas
and my house is a mess. But if I’m being honest
I wouldn’t want anything less.

It’s loud, it’s noisy
There’s sequels and there’s shouts.
I’m really starting to understand
What this season is all about.

I won’t remember that I’ve cleaned
the same mess 4 times today
But guaranteed I will remember
that my whole house is somewhere to play.

We’re all crawling on the ground
we’re building castles with blocks
There is rarely a time
we’re staring at the clock.

My little man has a smile
that lights up my whole life.
As we laugh and play I’m so proud to be a mom
so proud to be a wife.

Tonight when we lay down our heads
I’ll be thankful for my ever after.
Thankful for this time
thankful for this laughter.

My hope for all the Christmases to come
that they’re all this merry and bright.
Merry Christmas to you all
and to all, a goodnight.