Salish, Brian and Nash | Country Maternity

24 January 2017 | Uncategorized, Maternity

Running our small photography business is a completely joint effort in which Shauna and I play to our strengths. We take on different roles so that everything runs smoothly. This means that Shauna handles all the communications with our clients. So when it came time to meeting Salish, Brian and Nash for their country maternity session I hadn’t yet talked or emailed with them. Some days it feels like I’m heading off to a blind date…

We met along a quiet range road south-west of Edmonton where a few beautiful red barns sit close to the road. When I pulled in Salish and Brian were already there, their lovely little dog Nash exploring the open space.

Salish and Brian loved the location and thankfully despite the recent heavy rains, the ground was fairly firm. We talked with ease and I’m grateful to have been able to get to know them.

I think, at first, they were a little nervous about asking to have Nash be in their session. He is a part of their growing family so of course, he had to be included. Nash danced around the fields bouncing with energy while Salish showed off her perfect baby bump.

Salish also brought with her, Great Grandpa’s vest, and Great Grandma’s shawl. We love it when our clients bring such a valuable piece of family history that holds so much meaning. Something old doesn’t have to be just for your wedding day! To have these beautiful pieces adds so much more value and meaning to the photos.

My blind date with Salish, Brian and Nash was a success, we all like long walks in the country!  I can’t wait for our second date once their little baby has arrived.

Having a country maternity session at the end of Autumn was the perfect excuse to get outside, away from the city. There are always those days when you can feel stuck at home so this was the perfect tonic for a cool autumn day. Thank you.