Sawyer is Six Months Old | Edmonton Studio Photographers

7 November 2016 | Children

Sawyer came to see us in the studio with his mom and dad to capture his halfway mark on his first year. Six months already! I feel like these First Year packages are so amazing for us to capture these babes when they are brand new, just sitting, and to celebrate their first year in this world.

This family is really easy to spend time with, we really love chatting with them and spending time with them.

We also captured some breastfeeding photos for Sawyer’s mom,  Jessie. As a mom I remember how trying and difficult breastfeeding can be, and once a mom overcomes it, it’s a HUGE accomplishment. Never mind the bond that comes between mother and child when that time is spent together. Jessie faced her challenges with breastfeeding too, so it was incredibly important to her that we capture this part of her relationship with her son.

It was my honour capturing everything that your first 6 months entailed.

Thank you so much for coming to see us in the studio!