Shayla & Tyson’s In Home Edmonton Lifestyle Maternity Photography

12 January 2019 | Maternity

Hello 2019! I always have such big intentions with blogging when a year starts, and then work and life gets busy and this always falls by the wayside. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this year! I have SO much to catch you up on. Let’s start off with Shayla & Tyson’s in home Edmonton Lifestyle Maternity Photography session.

Shayla & Tyson worked so hard to make their nursery GORGEOUS, so it made perfect sense to photograph their maternity session in their home. Between their lovely room & the baby’s nursery, it worked out so perfectly.

We always want you to include what is important to you in a session – in this case their dogs are high up on the list! So adorable to have them in these photos. Along with having the photos done in their home, it added such a personal touch to their session. Our home has changed A LOT since we had our kiddos, so I love this idea.

In the past year Gareth has started photographing a lot of in-home sessions. It’s a more lifestyle approach our photography and I love the progression our style is taking. I’m going to try and tell you in each blog post who photographed a session, I think it’s fun to share that! I’m sure it’s obvious now, but Gareth photographed this in-home maternity session.

We had the privilege to meet their baby towards the end of 2018! That blog post will be coming right up. Stay tuned!