Sitting on a Tree Swing with Their Love | Marisa and Zack

11 January 2017 | Couples, Engagement

Marisa has been the most fun to work with! She is so excited about all of her plans, which always makes planning an engagement session so much fun. She fell in love with the tree swing my friend’s dad made for their AMAZING family session (check it out here – seriously, go check it out!) Thankfully my friend is an absolute gem and lent it to me for this engagement session. Thank you Katrina!

When we arrived to set up for the shoot, Gareth and I realized something…getting the swing UP the tree hadn’t been thought of…I had scouted locations trying to find a good tree – and I did! But the whole idea of a ladder didn’t exactly cross my mind.

My first thought was to illegally drive our car over to the tree and stand on that, but before I could even suggest it, Gareth had dropped his bag and started shimmying up. It took less time than I thought it would! As he got pretty high up the thought occurred to me – ummmm Gareth is running a marathon in LESS THAN A WEEK…why is he climbing this damn tree?! I tried to banish thoughts of him crashing to the ground and instead tried to be encouraging and upbeat.

Of course he did it – he got the swing up and it looked amazing. The summer sun was at its finest and totally showed off for us, especially for the photos of Marisa and Zack over looking downtown Edmonton.

We wanted to fit a lot in for them, so as soon as the sun dropped, we raced over to the Leg grounds. It was a little windy, so Marisa and Zack definitely got sprayed by the fountains! But they just laughed and held on tight. It was the perfect end to their session.

Their fall wedding this year will be wonderful! And it will look so different from this lovely summer session. Can’t wait you guys!