Sledding in an Edmonton Winter Wonderland

14 December 2017 | Family

It’s not always an easy feat to get outside in the wintertime. Edmonton can get cold, windy and unpleasant. But having kids makes us adults get outside and find ways to play, because kids always do better when they’re outside in the fresh air (and let’s be honest – we all do better when we’ve had some fresh air!). The Willie family seems to have this figured out most days – they spend a lot of time outside playing, no matter the season. We have photographed them in the studio, in the summer evening sun, and it just seems fitting to capture them playing as a family of four, sledding in an Edmonton winter wonderland.

We knew this session was going to be quick. Even though we have been having unseasonably warm days here in Edmonton, this particular day was chilly. They bundled the girls up, popped them on this adorable sleigh they have, and they were ready.

This session really reminded me that a photo shoot doesn’t always have to be in the warm summer sun. Winter is so long in Edmonton that it’s such a cool idea to capture such a big part of our lives. Gareth and I have decided we’re going to have our own family photos done next winter to document our time in the snow while the boys are still young.

This was such a fun day! So happy we got outside and capture the Willie family adventuring on this beautiful winter day.

Shauna xox