Mom and Me Summer Session | Edmonton Photographer

25 October 2017 | Family, Children

There is a fact that almost every single mom I’ve ever met knows – we are not in enough photos! We spend our days with our kiddos, document them as they grow, but because we are usually behind the camera we aren’t in the photos. I really wanted to give women the opportunity to change this, so this summer we offered Mom and Me sessions. They could be in the studio, or outside, it didn’t matter. What mattered was that  moms were having the chance to get in the frame, feel beautiful, and document this time with their children. This day could not have been better, it was perfect for this Mom and Me Summer Session.

The air was warm, the promise of a long and eventful summer in the air. I chatted with Angela a lot about how motherhood was going, experiences she was having and I remember well.

Thank you for such a lovely afternoon, for taking the time and effort for these photos. They are so worth it.

Shauna xox