Summertime in Edmonton

24 January 2023 | Family

What an absolutely perfect evening for this gorgeous family’s photos! We have worked with them in the past for maternity photos & newborn photos. I was so excited to get back outside with them for their family session. There really is nothing like summertime in Edmonton, is there? We picked the most glorious day for their session, the air was warm and it was one of those days that feels like summer will last forever.

Mom and I laughed about how we’re both always so last minute choosing outfits for our family photos, and promised each other we would be more on it in the future! I probably won’t be, but that’s okay! It is what it is.

I walked around for a while before this lovely family arrived at Terwillegar Park. I had so many spots in mind to use for their session. But the truth is, once they arrived and we all got settled in this first spot, we never moved! It’s a lot when small children are involved – there’s usually a stroller or a wagon, sweater or other clothes, sometimes snacks! It’s a lot! When kids get bigger and we can adventure, we can roam around and have lots of different options for photos. But when kids are young, sometimes just finding a beautiful spot, plopping down, and focusing more on getting everyone comfortable and laughing is more important than a million spots.

I really love that these photos show off their family dynamic so well! There is so much connection and so much fun in every shot. Thank yo so much for trusting us to capture your family as your kiddos grow! Thanks so much for such a perfect evening. Can’t wait to see you again.

Shauna xox

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