Sunshine turns to Snow in Wales

24 January 2018 | Personal, Travel

The rolling Welsh hills, a deep verdant green, stretch on as far as the eye can see. Short, thick hedgerows checker the sides separating flocks of sheep. The saturated ground gives rise to thick mist that lingers until late morning. Finally the sun peeks from behind masses of clouds sparkling on the dew covered grass. There is a reason Wales is so vibrant a land. The rain falls thick and heavy throughout the year. When the sun does shine, no matter the temperature, people flock from their doorways to absorb its warmth.

After the crisp festive days of London, finding blue skies bursting overhead in Wales was splendid. We rejoiced that we had managed to avoid a bitter Canadian winter for such glorious December days.

My mum once again played chauffeur as we toured around Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. We marveled at the views from Castle walls, the deserted beaches and peaceful country lanes unsuspecting of the change that was about to come.

Overnight snow laden clouds rolled into the valleys. The green gave way to a carpet of white. With the knowledge that a warm wood fire awaited our return indoors, Shauna and I headed outside to make the most of the day. Without winter boots we borrowed wellies (rubber boots) to tramp down the driveway and out into the lanes. No matter where you live there is something magical about the first fresh snowfall. The clean crisp sound of snow crunching underfoot before it is sullied by cars or other people is irreplaceable. It was certainly, something to savour when so unexpected.

Next week, as the cold lingers we head off to Edinburgh for Christmas and Hogmanay (New Year) in Scotland.



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