Textbook Twin Newborn Session | Edmonton

26 July 2017 | Newborn

If I could write a textbook about how a newborn session should go, this session would be a prime example. Trust me when I say – this is an amazing feat with twins!

Just like most of our clients find us, Mel and Murray were told about us from friends. Referrals make our business turn around you guys, and I’m always, always grateful for that. Twins Jack and Zoe came to see us when they were just 7 days old. They slept like a dream, they stretched and smiled and cuddled up close to mom and dad.

Mel, their lovely mom, wrote us after the session:

“We are so, so in love with ALL of these photos!
You and Gareth were able to completely capture what we wanted and we will cherish these images forever!
These kids are growing so fast and I’m so glad we came to you in those precious early days.”
What a great session, and just the way we love it. Focused on the babies, on the family, on the early days of this brand new unit.
We can’t wait to see you all again!
Shauna & Gareth