The Andersons in the Edmonton Blossoms

15 July 2019 | Family

There are some people that come into our lives and we just know they’re going to stick around forever. I’ve known this girl for so many years. We met waitressing and we’ve stayed a constant in each other’s lives. It’s pretty amazing to have a friend who continued to email me while I was traveling the world, who I still talk to on the phone most days. Who I text endless photos of outfit choices and potential shopping purchases. She just gets me. It’s an honour to photograph these guys every year, to watch my best friend’s family grow and change. To laugh about her choosing outfits, and her husband pretending he hates photos. (Right, Danny? Pretending, right?) I love doing these photos of the Andersons in the Edmonton blossoms every year.

I just love you guys so much! Love being Auntie to Emily, love watching her giggle and play. These kiddos all grow up so fast that it is pretty cool to be the one photographing them year after year.

Love our yearly photo date.

Shauna xoxox