The Leachmans | Spring Photos in Edmonton

20 June 2019 | Family

My dear friend has wanted family photos in the spring blossoms for a LONG time. We have tried to organize it for a few years, but both mom and dad work shift work which has made it tough to coordinate in the short time these beautiful blossoms are their vibrant, beautiful colours. This year everything finally lined up and we got the The Leachmans | Spring Photos in Edmonton.

I have photographed this family since Gavin was a baby, and this year felt like such a big shift in how we photographed them. The kids are getting bigger, they’re tall and have opinions and personalities of their own. Things are changing! Just like I’ve found our kids are changing so much, our clients are growing alongside us too. It took a few minutes to chill out, slow down and let them connect as a family without the throwing up in their and babies on their hips.

I am a firm believer that families should get photos done as their kids grow. Once children are in school we find a lot of clients stop booking annual family photos. I want to be comfortable photographing kids at any age, so it’s something I’m going to work hard on. I want a beautiful photo with my mom just as much as I want beautiful photos with my kids! Both are important. Relationships may become more complex as everyone grows, relationships change, and the family dynamic shifts, but documenting it is still just as important.

So I guess what Im getting at. Get your photos done. Keep doing them as your kids get older. Their height will change. They way they cuddle you. The way they lean into you. The way they smile at you. It’s al going to change and develop over time. I have no doubt mamma from this session will (she loves her photos!).

Love you friend!