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14 March 2016 | Personal, Family

Our lives change. As we get older the days seem to pass quicker and quicker as we fill every second of every minute. Then one day you wake up and the life you thought you had has morphed, becoming very different.

It’s easy to lose track.

My life over the past few years has changed irrevocably. Despite the ability to document every moment through our photography I’m still surprised how much has changed. It has been 4 years since Shauna and I were in India. We have two boys now. When did all of this happen?

I decided to look back at our photos to remind myself of where we have come from. Shauna and I as a couple have changed. We are still on the same team, but our roles have moved on from when we were married. Shauna is a lot more thoughtful about herself whereas I, like most men am less disposed to be introspective.

For many men, their life changing events might already involve a photo shoot. But as a professional, many of these shoots are from the female perspective. At the wedding it’s the Brides day.  If you choose to have children, it’s mum who books the newborn shoot and family pictures for years to come. For the most part, we talk to mum, we hear her vision, we work closely with her to create the images she wants.

It’s an imbalance I would like to correct.

Choices we are faced with everyday don’t define us, but overtime they mould us into a different person. One day you will wake up to find you have been reinvented. You are no longer single, you have committed to someone for life. You become a parent, a grandparent, retired or land the dream job. These are life changing events and choices. I want to capture that time in your life so you will always remember the man you were, so that everyone in your life will remember the man you were whilst seeing the man you have become.

Men around us are happy to hide in the shadows. It’s time you step into the light and show who you are today.

This is me – 2009