The Red Boat | Edmonton Family Photographer

22 July 2016 | Children

Project 52 | Week 23 | New

This wooden boat was built long ago by father and son to sail on the sea. It brought many years of joy; it was precious to that boy. But as it goes, the boy grew up and the boat was stored away. It collected dust for many years, until that boy grew to a man, and had his own son.

Grandad pulled that boat from storage and blew off the dust. It needed a fresh coat of paint that was lovingly applied. It needed new sails that were sewn and restrung.

The boat was sent on a whole new voyage, across the ocean, to the other side of the world where the man who had once sailed that boat as a boy, now lived with his son.

This old wooden boat feels new again, as it now sets sail on a small Alberta lake.

Shauna xox