The White Sessions | Edmonton Sitter Session

16 January 2023 | Children, Cake Smash

It all started with a simple request from Gareth’s mom – she wanted a photo of “just Callum” when he was a baby. No frills, no props, no distractions – she just wanted to see her first grandchild. The White Sessions were born.

We have been offering these White Sessions to clients, and I have been told time and again they are a favourite. The photos are up on client’s walls, the photos are treasured and loved. These White Sessions are perfect as a replacement for school photos, or they’re a great session to use for birthdays or milestones.

The White Sessions

Take place in our North Edmonton studio

One Child: $100 plus GST Session fee
***Does not include any photos

Per Additional Child: $75 plus GST
**This only applies to siblings added onto the same session**

After the Session, you will choose one of the following packages:

5 Photos: $150 plus GST
10 Photos: $200 plus GST
Full Gallery: $250 plus GST

$50 dollar print credit with all packages

**Sibling photos can absolutely be done too! Book back to back sessions for each child, and we’ll create some great sibling photos during our time in the studio.

These sessions will be offered anytime we are available in our studio. We strongly suggest dressing your child in clothing with no logos, no text, no graphics. We want the focus to be on your child. It’s fun to put them in their favourite colour, or keep it simple and dress them in white. Those naked baby photos are also SO cute!

Please email me to book your session, and we’ll chat!

Can’t wait to see you!

If you’re interested in a full studio session, we can add this style into a full session! Check out planning for a Sitter Session here.

If you’re looking for onesies or just, simple outfits, some of my favourites come from Old Navy and Zara.