Theodor’s 6 Month Session

15 November 2017 | Children

We met Theodor as a beautiful newborn with dark hair (check out that session here). Holy moly he has grown a lot when he came to visit us for Theodor’s 6 Month Session!

Being a newborn photographer is pretty great because it means that a lot of our babies (yes, I think of them as our babies!) come back to see us for 6 month photos and/or 1 year photos. It really is a pleasure to document these babies as they grow!

Theodor is a baby with a BIG personality. He spent a lot of the session sticking his tongue out at me, and then he would laugh and laugh about it! I’ve never ever seen a 6 month old do that, I couldn’t stop laughing! Seeing him made for a pretty fun day of work.

If you follow us a lot you’ll also notice that I’m posting these blogs in NO order. We also photographed Theo’s mom and dad’s wedding, and it still hasn’t made it on the blog. it’s really silly too, because their wedding is gorgeous and full of dramatic dark skies and they have some more of our amazing clients in their wedding party. I’m still planning on blogging it! Two years later isn’t too late…right?

Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your big moments! It means so much.