Welcoming Felicity | Edmonton Newborn

10 May 2018 | Newborn

I have known these guys for a really, really long time. Tina and I played baseball together through the Edmonton spring months when we were kids. We used to go out riding our bikes in the rain with a few other girls, playing in the mud and splashing through the puddles. It’s pretty amazing to see people I’ve known since we were young, growing into a family, having kids and being pretty amazing adults. It’s an honour to be the ones to help in welcoming Felicity to their family.

Everyone was so excited to celebrate her, and that was pretty cool to see. We took our time with Declan, making sure he was comfortable in the studio, and when he was ready, he was so excited for the pictures. He cuddled Felicity, hung out with mom and dad, and he did so well! Sibling photos always take some time and patience – it’s not often really young kids are expected to sit exactly in one spot, to be still, to look directly at the camera. So when we take some time to get the sibling photos done, it’s normal. Trust us, we’ve seen it many times. Declan is one proud big brother, and it was so sweet to see.

Thank you so much for bringing Felicity to see us! It was wonderful to see you guys again, and to meet your new little love.

Shauna xox