Welcoming Little Sister

14 April 2017 | Newborn

Meeting this family was just another example of how small this Edmonton and area community is. Jayme booked her newborn photos with us, and then her and I ended up chatting at Millennium Place one day, as we both have a mutual friend I was there with. I had no idea she was a client, but I was my usual chatterbox self and we joked around about talking to random parents in the play park. It clicked with Jayme after we all left that I was one of their photographers! It made it even cooler when it was time to welcome this little sister with some adorable photos.

Big sister Gus had some fantastic facial expressions, and her pigtails were just the absolute cutest! She cuddled Margot tight and was so enthralled with her. With some time and patience and letting her run around a bit as she wanted to explore our whole house, she got in a ton of shots. It’s so worth it to work with toddlers, because these photos are just the best.

Thanks so much you guys! You have two unbelievably beautiful girls. We hope to see you again!

Shauna & Gareth