What to Wear for Family Photos

12 July 2022 | Family

The big question we ALWAYS get asked – what do we wear for our family photos?? Choosing outfits is stressful! Even when I start planning our family sessions every year, all of a sudden I feel paralyzed and like I have NO idea what I’m doing! Here are my thoughts and suggestions that cover the big question – What to Wear for Family Photos.

One thing to always think about is the season and the weather you’ve booked your photos in. Your outfit choice will be very different for a fall photo shoot, than a summer photo shoot, than a winter shoot! So think about the temperature, the colours of your surroundings (summer will most likely be very green, fall will be reds and yellows):

Winter will be very white, and cold, and snowy:

There are a few big rules we always stick to:

No Logos
Keep patterns to a minimum

First off, I usually tell mom to choose her outfit first. I’m going to be really honest – moms are REALLY hard on themselves. So we need to choose an outfit that makes us feel amazing! This is when the whole vibe of the session is set – is mom going to wear jeans? Then the session will be more casual. Is she choosing a pretty sundress? Then we can dress everyone else up a bit (if you want to!). Choose an outfit you feel GREAT in. Choose something that doesn’t bring focus to an area of your body you don’t love – for example, if you’re self conscious about your arms, maybe a tank top or a sleeveless dress isn’t the way to go. If you don’t love your legs, maybe steer clear of short shorts or a mini skirt.

And of course, your outfit choice will be largely dictated by the weather and the time of year. Light, airy, summery outfits are way different than cozy fall outfits.

Choose an outfit you can move in! I know it feels good to put on high heels, and if that’s the vibe you’re going for, you do you. But something to think about: a lot of our best photos has the parents playing and chasing and having a great time – that happens when you’re in clothing and shoes that can MOVE. Heck, I’ve kicked off my sandals before and ran around barefoot with my boys, just so I can play in our photos!

Once mom has chosen her outfit, it’s time to figure everyone else out!

Choose tones and colours that go together. Gone are the days that we need to be “matchy matchy” – those photo shoots of white shirts and jeans for the whole family aren’t necessary anymore!

A great look is when you choose a colour or two for a pop of colour:

When you start putting it all together, a great option is to lay all of the outfits down on the bed, and take a photo of it together. See if you like it as a set. Feel free to send them to me (Shauna) and I can let you know how things are looking!

A few things to keep in mind:

Accessories help complete the look! Like hats, or scarves, or jewelry:

Your socks might poke out! Wear matching ones (and prob not white ones!)

If you’re wearing sandals, your toes might be in the photos. Maybe time for a pedi! Same with hands – you might want to paint your nails or get a mani.

Check out the bottoms of your shoes – sometimes price stickers get left on.

And last but not least – be you. Choose clothing you feel good in, that you’re all comfortable in, and that reflects the vibe you’re going for in your family photos. We want you to wear clothing that fits you well and you love so you can focus on connecting with your family in your session, not tugging at sleeves or waistbands self consciously.

Check out our blog for ideas, as well as our instagram page. Pinterest is a great help too! Search “family photo outfits” and there are a ton of ideas and colour palettes to get you started.

I hope this helps! Please let me know once you have read this, and if you need any help getting your look together. Let’s get planning!