What to Wear for Newborn Photos

31 May 2022 | Newborn

Your newborn photo shoot is coming up, and that is so exciting! It can be overwhelming to plan outfits for your family, so I have put together a few sessions that had really great outfit choices. Let’s chat more about what to wear for newborn photos.

Remember you don’t need an outfit for your newborn. Most of the time, newborn outfits don’t quite fit right, so we either swaddle baby, pose them nude, or use a plain white onesie. If you do have an outfit for baby you want to use for the session, please let us know in advance, and we’ll let you know if it will work. Our style is very minimal, so please keep that in mind. We have lots of swaddles to use too!

My biggest advice:
– Keep patterns to a minimum if not at all. Solid colours allow the focus to stay on baby.
– Soft colours go so nicely with a newborn session.
– White always looks so lovely. It keeps the vibe pure and new, which I always think should be the vibe for a newborn session.

Start the process of choosing outfits by deciding what mom is going to wear. To be frank, moms can have a tough time choosing clothes right after having a baby. I’m going to give you a big hint – wearing maternity clothes is a-okay! A lot of moms think they need to “wear” regular clothes, just choose what fits well and makes you feel good. Choosing ill fitting clothes will make it a lot harder to pose you in a flattering way. Once you choose mom’s outfits, build everyone else’s outfits from there. Lay moms outfit down on the bed, and add everyone else’s outfits out and see how they look. Once you think you have everyone set up, feel free to take a photo and send it to me. I’ll let you know what I think, and if we need to make any changes.

Little touches like the little man’s suspenders below add a lot to the photo!

Here are some other examples of great family outfits put together.

What to Wear for Newborn Photos
What to Wear for Newborn Photos

To find solid coloured t shirts like the ones the boys are wearing below, we have already had a lot of luck at:
Old Navy

We love the casual vibe of these families photos! Soft colours, solid coloured tops and jeans/casual pants. They nailed their outfits!

I love how the families below chose different colours, but the solid colours look great together!

You’ll note the different backgrounds in some of our studio photos – please note that our studio does change from time to time but we always aim for neutral, cozy and timeless.

What to Wear for Newborn Photos

For in home sessions, wear what you love, and what goes with the vibe of you home.

Roughley Originals Lifestyle Newborn Session

Things to keep in mind:

It is very likely your feet (and pants) will end up in the photos. Choose socks wisely, or mom might want a pedicure!

For older siblings, bare feet/toes are so cute!

We also have a number of precious outfits you can choose from for your little one to wear, a couple options you can see below.

There is a small chance you might need a change of clothes due to getting peed on or baby spitting up. It doesn’t happen often, but bring a change of clothes JUST in case.

Also keep in mind that our studio gets VERY warm. If you choose to wear a sweater for your photos, bring a t shirt to change into after your photos are done and we move onto the individual baby photos.

Choose your vibe for the family (casual with jeans, or dressy) – and go from there. Once you have an idea for your outfits, lay them down on your bed, take a photo of them together, and send it to me. Then we’ll chat! I’m happy to help you, I’ll give you some suggestions, and we’ll make sure you and your family is all ready and looking your best for your newborn photo shoot.

See you soon!
Shauna & Gareth

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